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Posted by Kelly Wong ~ 12 September 2006 11:15
Congratulations !!! Very Nice Website created!!! =)
Posted by andrea ~ 1 September 2006 16:12
XD it's me! took that long to sign your guestbook but here i am (finally)...
anyway best wishes to both of you in everything you do... and when you go to London remember to take lots of pics ;p
and you gotta teach me how to take NICE photos ok?
Stay happy! Cheers~~
Posted by shirley ng ~ 30 August 2006 2:31
i'm envy wit ur wedding. i hope that both of u always happy and love forever.
Posted by wee ~ 27 July 2006 11:35
Posted by Teh chiah wen ~ 24 June 2006 21:2
ur thin is nice

from:chiah wen
Posted by Ng Yee Min ~ 19 June 2006 15:35
Hi johanna.. long time no see... congrats!! hope to hear from u soon..muaks.. yee min
Posted by Lian Lin ~ 19 June 2006 9:12
miss you!!!
Posted by Mynie ~ 14 June 2006 14:14
Wonderfully crafted album to portray a wonderful wonderful wedding! Congrats again; hope you both have a great and blissful life ahead...
Posted by Yogesh ~ 23 May 2006 17:22
Hi... Will send u the update after seeing ur website...
Posted by Audrey ~ 11 April 2006 0:43
Johanna, a link to your pretty wedding album has been placed at a spot which I maintain. For all who would like to leave your comments or share your views on a particular issue, please do visit www.blissmomentz.blogspot.com
Posted by jason saw ~ 5 April 2006 14:0
congratulation!!! since i wasn't there to wish u on da big day itself, hereby i wish u both husband & wife a long lasting loving relationship...may u both be blessed with adorable n healthy baby(s) in 9 months from now...hehee...

cheers.... :))
Posted by Audrey ~ 5 April 2006 13:23
Congrats once again, Johanna & Jihying! Sorry I missed your wedding dinner. It's obvious from the pics that it was an awesome one. All the best!
Posted by sonel ~ 29 March 2006 18:23
congratulations, and wish you all the best for your future together.
Posted by Amran ~ 27 March 2006 17:33
Tioh, Johanna.... congratulations!!! Lovely lovely pictures and as Im sure even lovelier on the day itself, regret not being able to attend. Wishing the both of you the very best for the future... ;)
Posted by Jimmy ~ 25 March 2006 9:42
Posted by Kevin Cheng ~ 24 March 2006 14:47
Congratulation to both of you. I really want to attend ur wedding but have to fly back to Aust :(

Hope to hear from litle "J&J" soon :P
Posted by LiPing Gardiner ~ 24 March 2006 13:44
Thanks for sharing your beatiful photos! What a beatiful collections! Many congratulations on your wedding! We wish you both a very happy life together for eternity!!!
Posted by C.N. Ang ~ 22 March 2006 22:22
Nice creation of this web, jy!!! Really wish to master it up at my soonest possible,if can! Throw me some skills if got chance...OK?! *_^
Really touched...seeing u & Johanna hv a sweet marriage ending! Rosy blessing...n...Congrates once again huh!!! Tk gd care alwys...

Posted by agnes ~ 22 March 2006 10:59
If ask you be my webmaster then need to pay o not? hehe..actually wat langugue u use to do this album? Actually i like to create website too...but dun hav a nice idea. Anyway..i like ur album because of simple n comfortable. NICE!!
Posted by agnes ~ 22 March 2006 10:56
Is a nice and attractive main page. I like it! :p
Posted by Lim Hong Lim ~ 20 March 2006 7:27
Happy Wedding!
Posted by carinasuyin ~ 19 March 2006 3:38
Heartiest congratulations dear Johanna and Jih Ying! Wiahing you a lovely lifetime of love, loving and being loved :)
Posted by Yazid Awang ~ 17 March 2006 18:56
Many many wishes of many many years of happiness and prosperity together
Posted by liza khairani wahid ~ 17 March 2006 13:52
The photos are superb.. Johanna you really look so beautiful..really leng lui.. So again congratulations to both of you.. Love each other today and forever thru bad and good times k... wish you happiness and all the best in your marriage life.. take care each other. Love.... liza k
Posted by Tan Lei Im ~ 17 March 2006 8:30
All the best in your future undertaking
Posted by wan rohana ~ 16 March 2006 16:25
Congratulation. Sorry because I couldn't attend your wedding.
Posted by Alex Chin ~ 16 March 2006 11:58
Posted by jim ~ 16 March 2006 11:23
Yo, Grats on your wedding! Nice pics! Great ceremony. :) million blessing to you and Johanna!!~
Posted by Liu Yi ~ 16 March 2006 10:57
Hey Jih Ying - congratulations! :o) The photos look fantastic - wish i could've been there to celebrate with you and Johanna too!
Posted by Terence @MinGjiE ~ 16 March 2006 10:44
Congratulations..! :)
Posted by Patricia ~ 16 March 2006 9:28
Congratulations! My friend Valerie asked me to have a look at your photos as she said your wedding was a beautiful occassion. I'm also getting married soon and need some ideas. Thank you.
Posted by jimmy chen ~ 16 March 2006 8:44
very nice....well done....I am sold....Phuket.... my next port of call..
Posted by Joyce Poh ~ 16 March 2006 8:34
The pictures are beautiful and both of you look great!!! Once again, Congratulations !!^.^
Posted by Noorul ~ 16 March 2006 7:40
Johanna & Jih Ying

Did you guys remember I said " I wish you guys will get married and then can come together as husband n wife to visit me, or I visit you guys during chinese new year.. and I will feel comfortable going over to your house because I know both husband n wife..." hehehe.. What I said is true.. Now tell me what you want to wish for? A baby girl or baby boy? Then let me know and I will wish for you too... Good luck, all the best n may you guys live happily ever after
Your friend - Noorul Hasanah A. Rahman.
Posted by Alex Ho Teng Hoong ~ 16 March 2006 0:48
Happy Wedding!
Staying together is an art of life, enjoy your life everyday as an art of eternal.
Posted by Almahera ~ 15 March 2006 17:58
The pictures are lovely, and both bride and groom look resplendent :) I hope these pictures will serve as fond memories for you and your future generations for years to come :)
Posted by Mohd Fuad Mohd Sharif ~ 15 March 2006 17:31
Congratulation to both of you on the very special day!
Posted by Angie Ng ~ 15 March 2006 15:8
Nice ..... :)
Posted by Nicholas Lee ~ 15 March 2006 10:0
Congrats!!! What a nice album I've ever seen. I would like to hire you to be my webmaster in my future online wedding album.... :)
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